Super Mario RPG Remake New Features and Postgame Details

Learn about the new additions to the Super Mario RPG Remake!

by Marc Magrini
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Super Mario RPG is releasing in a new form after nearly 30 years. Its new release is more than just a simple graphical update, with the September 2023 Nintendo Direct making this clear. The Super Mario RPG remake will include new features and even postgame content for old and new fans to enjoy. While the full list of additions hasn’t been shared just yet, there’s already quite a lot for players to look forward to.

All Confirmed New Features and Postgame Content in the Super Mario RPG Remake

In terms of gameplay, the Mario RPG remake includes timed hits — now known as Action Commands — just like its earlier iteration. New to the remake is the addition of extra damage to the entire enemy team if you time the command perfectly. Successful Action Commands will also fill a new Limit Break-like gauge unique to the remake. This will let the player launch powerful Triple Moves, powerful area attacks dealing immense damage to enemies.

New to the remake is also the inclusion of postgame content. This will allow players to rematch bosses with enhanced strength, dealing far greater damage than normal. These bosses will become available to fight again after clearing the game, whereas the original Super Mario RPG title ended after defeating the final boss. It’s unknown if more postgame content will be included, but this should be a welcome addition for fans wishing for new content.

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The Super Mario RPG remake will include this new content on top of updated visuals and music. Some of this music was shown off during the Nintendo Direct, showcasing popular tracks that weren’t heard during the first time it was shown. Long-time fans likely won’t want to miss out on this classic release, and first-time players can truly experience the best Super Mario RPG has to offer!

- This article was updated on September 14th, 2023

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