My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Leaks Show the Introduction of an Unexpected Ally

All Might no longer has to fight alone, according to leaks of My Hero Academia chapter 400.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
Image: Kohei Horikoshi / Studio Bones / Shueisha / Viz Meida, Remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

My Hero Academia has been keeping fans on edge as the final war against All for One and his forces rages on. Most Heroes have either been taken out of commission or perished during this gruesome conflict. Fans are excited to see where Kohei Horioshi will take his characters next, and the most recent leaks have given the fandom hope for the Heroes to emerge victorious from this war. Let’s dive into the information given to us by the leaks of My Hero Academia Chapter 400.

Beware of spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Leaks and Rumors Announce A New Fighter Joining the Fight

The battle between All Might and All for One continues, with the former Symbol of Peace using everything he has learned from his students to stop his archnemesis. Many beloved techniques will be seen during My Hero Academia chapter 400, paying homage to the brave Hero students who created them. We even have the return of a fan-favorite character, who will become an unexpected ally of All Might.

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While this is happening, the rest of the Heroes involved in the war will do their best to protect the innocents and apprehend the Villains terrorizing Japan. Their efforts will reach the entire world, giving everyone hope about the possibility of ending All for One’s reign of terror.

Leaks and Raw Scans Hints at the Return of A Former Enemy

Trusted leakers like Rukasu, who is known for how reliable his information has been in the past, have hinted at Aoyama, Hagakure, and All Might being the protagonists of this upcoming chapter. The two aforementioned Hero students will show a newfound determination to stop the war, with Aoyama even showing his resolve to pay for his crimes when it is all over.

The scans also show that Hagakure’s true form will be finally revealed in the story. Her design has been seen several times on covers or special pages, but it has never been fully shown in the story. This can cause some controversy, as her Quirk only works when she has no clothes on. In the past, Horikoshi has depicted her almost fully naked, which has caused an uproar due to Hagakure still being a teenager.

Still, most of the chapter will focus on All Might, who is keeping All for One occupied thanks to his highly advanced mech suit. According to the leaks, the former number-one Hero will continue using his gadgets to keep his old foe busy, causing him to lose the small time he has left with his young body.

Nonetheless, the real shock will come at the end, as the leaks hint at the return of Satin as All Might’s new ally. The villain will use his Quirk to paralyze momentarily a child-looking All for One. Yet, it is important to remember that these leaks are not official and could contain misleading information.

- This article was updated on September 13th, 2023

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