Bleach: Why is Ichibe Being Called ‘Manake Osho’?

The truth behind Ichibei's title in Bleach.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Ichibei, the leader of the Royal Guards in Bleach: Thousand-Years Blood War, is an intriguing and imposing Shinigami who left an impression on fans the moment he was introduced. One of the most asked questions about Ichibei is why his subordinates never address him by his real name.

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He is constantly called ‘Manake Osho’, which is implied to be an honorific title but its meaning has left many fans confused. Below, we will talk about the reason why Ichibei is referred to as ‘Manake Osho’ in Bleach and the meaning behind the title.

Beware spoilers for Bleach.

Why do Ichibei’s Subordinates Refer to Him As ‘Manake Osho in Bleach?

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The title ‘Manake Osho’ is Japanese for ‘Monk of the True Name’, referring to Ichibei’s ability to know the real names of any object, being, or concept in the universe. He is the one who gave the name to most things in the Soul Society, from the Zanpakuto to the Bankai. This title signifies how much respect every Shinigami holds for Ichibei.

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However, there is another reason why Ichibei is always referred to by his title, the fear he inflicts on others. Despite his amicable appearance, the Royal Guard Captain is a stern man who enjoys feeling like he is superior. He does not allow his subordinates to address him by his real name to help them remember who is in charge.

What Other Abilities Does Ichibei Possess?

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 Alongside the power to know every name in the universe, Ichibei is capable of creating tangible representations of the with his Reyrioku. Once the names are created, Ichibei can either cut them in half or completely remove them from existence. Each of these actions affects the owner of the name that is afflicted by Ichibei’s power.

If the name is cut in half, the power of the holder is cut down in half. Ichibei used this technique during his fight against Yhwach, mocking the Quincy by stating that it would have been a disgrace for him to beat Ichibei at full power. If the name is erased from existence, the target’s power is completely eradicated as well.

- This article was updated on September 14th, 2023

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