Netflix’s One Piece: Who is Gold Roger?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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During the beginning of Netflix’s One Piece, viewers were briefly introduced to the Pirate King, Gold Roger. However, almost nothing about this outlaw is mentioned, causing many fans to be confused as to what his importance is in the series.

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Besides the fact that his treasure, also known as the One Piece, is hidden on an unnamed island, fans only know Roger as the man who gets executed at the beginning of the show. Below, we will discuss who Gold Roger from Netflix’s One Piece is to clear any doubts left by the series.

Beware spoilers for One Piece.

Who is Gold Roger in Netflix’s One Piece?

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Gold Roger, known as Gol D. Roger in the original manga, is the most famous pirate in the entire world. He was known as the Pirate King, due to him and his crew being the first individuals in years to reach the legendary island of Laugh Tale. Despite being represented as a cruel criminal by the World Government, he was a kind and affable person, who simply wanted to be free.

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Roger was a skilled and powerful fighter, having control over all 3 types of Haki. He was also an amazing swordsman, capable of fighting Whitebeard who was considered the strongest man alive. His treasure, which remains a mystery until now, is hidden in Laugh Tale. Roger named it the One Piece and promised that the first crew to get to Laugh Tale could have it.

What Did Netflix Change About His Character?

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While Roger was not seen on screen much during his appearance in Netflix’s One Piece, many fans noticed a massive change in the character. In the manga, Gold Roger is not his name, as it is written Gol D. Roger. This may seem like a small detail but it is actually essential in the world of One Piece, as it relates to one of franchise’s greatest mysteries: The Will of D.

Many characters in the show have the initial D written in the middle of their names, from Luffy to the infamous Rocks. In recent years, it was revealed that this initial was carried by those whose families were members of the Great Kingdom, an ancient rival of Imu and the World Government. It is a signal of those who are seen as dangerous to the status quo.

Netflix will now have to find a way to either mention Roger as a carrier of the D initial or change his name without announcing it. This will also cause issues when Ace, Roger’s son and Luffy’s surrogate brother, makes an appearance, as he is also a part of the Will of D.

- This article was updated on September 12th, 2023

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