10 Best Anime Like My Happy Marriage

The best shows for fans of Miyo and Kiyoka's adventures.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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My Happy Marriage tells the beautiful story of how the young Miyo escaped her abusive family and found someone who helped her see how wonderful she is, her husband Kiyoka. In just a couple of episodes, this wholesome story managed to captivate the hearts and minds of viewers all over the world.

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Throughout the years, many more shows equally as endearing as My Happy Marriage have been released. If you are a fan of Miyo and Kiyoka’s adventures and wish to see more wholesome anime, fret not, as you will find below a list of the best anime like My Happy Marriage.

10 Shows Perfect for My Happy Marriage Fans

10. Fruits Basket

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After a tragic accident, Tooru lost her mother and had to move to her grandfather’s house. Sadly, shortly after arriving, the house becomes unavailable as her grandfather wants to renovate it. Left with nowhere else to go, Tooru sets up a tent in the forest to sleep while waiting for the time to go back home. After returning from school one day, the girl sees her temporary home has been destroyed.

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Her classmate Yuki Souma and his cousin Shigure come across her and offer her to stay at their family’s house. While there, Tooru discovers the secret of the Souma family, if someone of the opposite gender hugs them, they will turn into a Zodiac animal. Fruits Basket is a heartwarming and hilarious story that will give My Happy Marriage fans hours of fun.

9. Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

Screenshot: Studio Gonzo

Ever since she was a little girl, Aoi has been able to see Ayakashi, hungry spirits from another realm who eat humans. Due to this ability, her mother decided to abandon her, leaving the girl with her grandfather. The man spent years teaching Aoi how to cook delicious meals that could prevent her from becoming an Ayakashi’s dinner.

Shortly after her grandfather’s death, Aoi is taken by Oodanna, an Ayakashi God to whom Aoi’s grandpa owed a grand amount of Yen. The deity wants to marry the girl to pay the debt, but Aoi has another idea, opening a restaurant at Oodanna’s Inn where Ayakashi can go eat. My Happy Marriage fans will love the relationship between Aoi and Oodanna in this underrated show.

8. Wandering Son

Screenshot: AIC Classic

Nitori has spent most of his life wondering why he feels and acts so differently from other boys his age. Shuichi, a girl in Nitori’s class, shares his feelings, as she has always struggled to fit in with the other girls. As they grow up together, the duo realizes that they may not identify with the gender assigned to them at birth.

Armed with this new information, they embark on an adventure to discover themselves and who they truly are. Along the way, they will have to deal with becoming teenagers, falling in love, and living in a world they were not prepared for. This is a touching story about finding your self-worth similar to that of Miyo in My Happy Marriage.

7. Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

Screenshot: Studio SynergySP

Exiled to the mountains after losing his right and his mother in a car accident, Tamahiko lives a monotonous and lonely life. His family considers him a burden, he cannot do everyday tasks without struggling, and he has no way out of his predicament. He has resigned himself to live like this until the day of his death comes.

Out of the blue, a beautiful and kind girl named Yuzuki knocks on his door claiming to be his wife-to-be. To help make his ordeal slightly more bearable, Tamahiko’s father arranged a marriage between Yuzuki, whose father owed him money, and the aforementioned boy. My Happy Marriage fans will love this story about an arranged marriage that turns into a loveable relationship.

6. Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts

Screenshot: J.C. Staff

In the wake of a war between humans and the kingdom of Ozmargo, inhabited solely by humanoid beasts, a treaty was signed. Each year, a human sacrifice would be sent to Ozmargo for the nameless king to devour. This year, the chosen sacrifice is a young girl named Sariphi, an orphan who has no reason to want to escape her situation.

Yet, upon her arrival, the king of Ozmargo finds himself attached to the girl, talking with her constantly and even allowing her free roam through his castle. As the fateful day in which he would eat her approaches, a series of events that will change fate for both humans and Ozmargians begin to unravel. My Happy Marriage fans should not miss this charming romance anime.

5. The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten

Screenshot: Project No. 9

Shiima and Fujimiya have been neighbors their entire lives, but they have never exchanged a word with each other. The former is known for being an angel incarnate, seeing as she is sweet, helpful, kind, and a great student. The latter is a lazy and lonely boy who does not know how to take care of himself.

The duo finally speak to each other when Fujimiya gives Shiima his umbrella after seeing the girl sitting on a swing under the rain. Woefully, the young man got sick, prompting Shiima to take care of him to repay the favor. Thus begins a delightful friendship between a popular and talented girl and a boy who feels lost. If My Happy Marriage left you wanting more wholesomeness, this show is for you.

4. Golden Time

Screenshot: J.C. Staff

Our protagonist Banri is a college student who left his hometown after losing his memory in a mysterious accident. On his way to school, he meets a classmate named Mitsuo, whom he befriends almost immediately. Without warning, a beautiful and confident girl approaches the two friends, claiming that she and Mitsuo are a couple.

The girl, named Kouko, turns out to be Mitsuo’s childhood friend, with whom he has had a complicated relationship. This weird occurrence marks the beginning of Banri’s new life, without memories, alone in a new city, and ready for his college years to commence. This hilarious comedy will give My Happy Marriage fans the sweet and dramatic moments they are craving.

3. Emma: A Victorian Romance

Screenshot: Studio Aija-Do

Emma has spent years working as a maid under the former Stewardess Kelly Stownar. She is a hard-working young woman who always tries to keep a smile on her face. Her earnest attitude has gained her the hearts of many of London’s working men. Still, Emma is waiting for a romance straight out of a novel.

Her dreams come true when William, a young man who studied under Mrs. Stownar in the past, visits his old Stewardess. He immediately falls in love with Emma, asking her to be his partner. Lamentably, their peers do not accept their relationship, as William is a rich noble and Emma is a simple commoner. A tale of true love and hardship that will enchant My Happy Marriage fans.

2. Raven of the Inner Palace

Screenshot: Bandai Namco Pictures

Ryuu, better known as the Raven Consort, has never stepped foot out of her palace. People both fear her and respect her for her stern attitude and the rumors that claim that she possesses supernatural abilities. The young woman has never been faced with these rumors and prefers to live following the lessons of her predecessor: It is the fate of the Raven Consort to always be alone.

When the Emperor, Ka Koushun, intrudes into her palace asking for assistance, Ryuu is faced with a choice that will forever change her life. She asks Jiujiu, a girl from her court, to become her attendant and help her solve the issues that come her way. This show tells an intriguing and moving story about a young woman opening up and letting go of her past, like in My Happy Marriage.

1. Sugar Apple Fairy Tale

Screenshot: J.C. Staff

The Kingdom of Highland was a prosperous place where both humans and fairies lived in harmony. This all changed when the humans discovered that taking a wing from a fairy turned them into slaves to the person in possession of their wing. Ann, a young confectioner, lives in this cruel world where fairies are enslaved and abused.

She dreams of the day when both races can coexist in peace once again. She dreams of becoming a Silver Sugar Master, a title that can only be obtained by winning a medal at the Royal Candy Fair. Accompanied by her bodyguard, a fairy named Shall to whom she promised his freedom, the young girl will begin an adventure unlike any other. A fantasy anime that My Happy Marriage fans are sure to love.

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