The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 3: Who is Atla?

Atla has one of the most ragic backstories in The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 3.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Many interesting characters have been introduced in The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 3. However, one of the most intriguing newcomers is the blind girl Atla, a half-human who seems to be afflicted by a life-threatening illness.

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Many fans have been wondering what kind of tragedy occurred to Atla before her anime introduction, as well as what her role in the story will be. Below, we will discuss the story behind Atla, the new character introduced in The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 3.

Beware spoilers for the Rising of the Shield.

Who is Atla in the Rising of The Shield Hero Season 3?

Screenshot: Kinema Citrus

Atla is a half-human, half-Hakuko hybrid who was born with a terminal illness that prevented her from talking and seeing. She was bedridden from a young age, so her older brother Fohl worked hard to be able to pay for her medication. The siblings were slaves for many years until Naofumi found them and saved them from their tortuous lives.

The young girl became infatuated with Naofumi for rescuing her, to the point of almost obsessing over him. She was trained to see and utilize life force in combat, giving her the ability to see. Atla considered herself Naofumi’s protector, protecting him against any dangers. Sadly, she was killed during a battle against a legendary Phoenix, with her spirit now inhabiting Naofumi’s shield.

What else happened in Atla’s past?

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Fohl, driven by the deep love he has for his sister, worked day and night to pay for her treatment, given that their parents were not in the picture during their childhood. Atla was full of frustration by this fact, as she hated having to be taken care of. Sadly, the siblings owed a lot of money, which forced them into slavery. To pay their debt, Fohl was forced to fight in an arena, amplifying Atla’s thoughts about being a burden to her brother.

Fortunately for the pair, Naofumi crossed paths with them, which prompted Atla to beg the hero’s help. Naofumi bought the siblings, turning them into his slaves and using special potions to heal Atla from her illness. She was able to walk on her own and fend for herself, finally giving the girl a chance at having a normal life.

What is Atla Like?

Screenshot: Kinema Citrus

Atla is a strong-willed girl who knows what she wants and does the impossible to get it. She can be seen as stubborn by most and aggressive by others. She is obsessed with Naofumi and willing to go to any lengths to get the young man’s attention. If anyone ever tried to keep her from the Shield Hero, she could react violently and scream and insult them.

Still, she has a very compassionate heart and hates seeing her loved ones suffering. This selfless behavior was perfectly exemplified during her last battle when she redirected the Phoenix’s explosion to prevent her friends from dying, taking all the damage.

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