My Hero Academia OVA to Be Released on Theaters Along With Fan-Favorite Fight

A brand new OVA will be released for My Hero Academia fans to enjoy.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Despite being on hiatus until the release of Season 7, My Hero Academia is still giving anime fans something to be excited about. In the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, the announcement of a new OVA being released caught fans’ attention immediately.

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Unlike most OVA, this one will have a special screening, including a big-screen adaptation of one of the most beloved fights in the series. Keep reading to learn more about the My Hero Academia OVA that will be released in cinemas.

Beware spoilers for My Hero Academia.

Japanese Cinemas Will Enjoy New My Hero Academia OVA

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From October 20 to October 26, 2023, selected Japanese cinemas will hold screenings for an original My Hero Academia OVA. The new episode will be about Mirio, who will be paying a visit to his underclassmen from 1-A to play a new card game with them called Heroes Battle.

Along with the new OVA, the battle between Deku and his classmates will also be screened in cinemas. This battle was animated for the sixth season of the anime adaptation, spanning from episodes 136 to 138. This is a battle that many fans hold in high regard for its significance in the My Hero Academia story.

Why is Deku VS. Class 1-A So Important?

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One of the biggest shocks for My Hero Academia fans during season 6 was Deku abandoning his friends from U.A. High to begin hunting down All For One and his lackeys. His friends, scared to leave him alone after the war against the Paranormal Liberation Front, began searching for him as a group.

After a long search, they finally found their friend, who was moments away from passing out due to his exhaustion. They tried their best to convince him to go back to U.A. with them, but Izuku refused, using his many Quirks to get away from them. In the end, Class 1-A managed to capture the boy and make seem how unreasonable he was being, taking him with them back to school.

- This article was updated on September 14th, 2023

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