Starfield Puddle Glitch: How to Steal From Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City

Use this exploit to rob Shepherd's General Store in Starfield!

by Christian Bognar
Steal From Akila City Store Starfield
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

For the most part, Starfield runs solid. It’s Bethesda’s most polished game ever released. Still, some bugs are affecting players for better or for worse. One exploit is seemingly granting players a ton of free loot, which they can sell for a massive profit. Read further to learn about this exploit and steal from Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City in Starfield.

Steal From Shepherd’s General Store With This Puddle Exploit in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The “Stealing from Shepherd’s General Store” exploit in Starfield is simple to do and only takes a matter of seconds. First, head to Akila City in the Cheyenne Star System. Next, go to Shepherd’s General Store, immediately on your left when you enter the city. Right before the door, you will find a puddle on the ground, which you can then crouch down and rob the entire store inventory. You can do all this without getting caught, so don’t worry about drawing attention.

If you’re having trouble finding the correct puddle, know that you must be positioned exactly right for the inventory to pop up. For reference, look where I am standing in the image below, as it will give you a good idea of the distance you need to be from the door.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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Looting the entire store inventory will make you overweight, meaning you’ll have to do something with all the items. I recommend heading to your ship’s cargo and placing whichever you want to keep, whether that be resources for outposts, weapons, ammo, etc. If your ship cargo is limited in size, feel free to check out our guide on how to increase your cargo hold capacity.

For the rest of the items, go to another store and sell everything. Since you just robbed the place entirely, Shepherd’s General Store won’t have any credits to give you when selling, so you must visit another store to sell the goods. The amount of credits you can receive by doing this exploit is pretty astonishing and can even get you one step closer to acquiring the Narwhal ship!

- This article was updated on September 13th, 2023

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