Starfield Nickel Farming Guide: How to Get Nickel Fast in Starfield

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by Alejandro Josan
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Collecting resources will allow you to not only gather ingredients for upgrades but also explore the cosmos and discover new areas and biomes. You can even be met with enemies, both humans and creatures, so don’t take this activity lightly. While it can take a while to collect minerals initially, there are methods for you to transform it into a very lucrative and fast endeavor. Here is how to get Nickel fast in Starfield.

How to Get Nickel Fast in Starfield

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Nickel will help you in Starfield with weapon and armor mods as well as ingredients for Research Projects. To collect Nickel in the wild, you will have to explore the cosmos and look for a planet that has Nickel on its surface. You can scan both planets and moons so you can land on them to collect Nickel. Since the game uses procedural generation, you might have to do some searching across the different systems. In my case, I found Nickel on Venus’ surface, located in the Sol system.

Use Your Cutter to Mine Nickel

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Prepare to do some major walking across the land. Collecting Nickel just like any other mineral can be done by simply encountering veins and using the cutter to collect them. This might be a short-term solution, but if you have patience, you can collect a decent amount of Nickel.

Set Up your Outposts for Nickel Collection

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The method that will yield the most amount of Nickel overtime is to set up an Outpost at Nickel patches in the ground. Using your scanner, locate ground patches that feature Nickel and install an Outpost, an Extractor, a Generator for power, and a Storage Container to amass a huge amount of Nickel. It might not be instantly available for you, but passive collecting will allow you to multitask and focus on other quests.

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Purchase Nickel from Vendors

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Finally, the easiest way to collect Nickel is to just purchase it from vendors across Starfield. You can visit Mining League at Neon or Jemison Mercantile at New Atlantis to purchase this material. Remember that each vendor’s inventory will vary each time you visit them, so make sure to wait for 48 hours to reset it so you can find Nickel.

The best and fastest way to collect Nickel is to do a combination of the above methods, but making use of Outpost Extraction has the most potential of the bunch, especially if you do so in different locations at once.

- This article was updated on September 13th, 2023

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