Starfield Aluminum Farming Guide: How to Get Aluminum Fast in Starfield

Travel the universe, collect Aluminum, repeat.

by Alejandro Josan
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Collecting minerals for crafting is an art that while many consider a frustrating chore, I quite enjoy it. Maybe all those Ebony Ores in Skyrim forged me into the man I am today. Anyway, Bethesda loves us collecting these materials, and now we will have to travel across the universe to find them. Aluminum is one of the resources you can get all around the cosmos that will help you craft armor and weapon mods, as well as build outpost structures in Starfield. Will collecting this resource take us an eternity? Don’t worry, here is how to get Aluminum fast in Starfield.

How to Get Aluminum Fast in Starfield

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While there is certainly a way to get Aluminum fast, you will have to do some previous work to get there. Most of the work is discovering a planet or a moon that has Aluminum on its surface. Since procedural generation is a big thing in the game, you will have to locate it by exploring the cosmos. In my case, I found Aluminum in Porrima III and Chthonia at the Porrima and Wolf systems respectively.

Use Your Cutter to Mine Aluminum

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The less time-consuming way to collect Aluminum is to use your cutter to gather it from veins. Using your scanner will help you locate them, so just go ahead and follow the colored rocks and shoot away with your cutter. You may have to walk a bit to collect a decent amount of Aluminum, so take that into account if you wish to use this method for Aluminum collection.

Set Up your Outposts for Aluminum Collection

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One of the best ways to collect Aluminum in the middle term is to set up an Outpost, an Aluminum Collector, and a Storage to automatically gather Aluminum from the ground. You will know where to install these structures if you use your scanner and find colored ground patches that indicate that there are resources below.

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Purchase Aluminum from Vendors

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Finally, if you have credits to spare, you can just go and buy Aluminum from vendors located in the major cities in Starfield. For example, in Neon you can purchase Aluminum from the Mining League. It will not require you to explore but take into account that the amount of items and their selection will be randomized. You might have to wait a couple of days for their inventory to renew and see if they can provide the Aluminum you require.

In my opinion, exploring space is much more fun, but the idea is to do a combination of the three options you have for Aluminum collection. Good luck with the mining!

- This article was updated on September 13th, 2023

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