PUBG Xbox One Expert Controls List to Help With More Chicken Dinners

Everything you need to know about PUBG on the Xbox One to help you win

by AOTF Staff

Coming from the PC to Xbox One, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds had to fit a mouse and keyboard into a controller.  While we think they’ve done a good job with PUBG so far, there are plenty of controls that aren’t explained very well in the game that can help you a lot if you know how to use them.

In this list of controls for PUBG on the Xbox One, we’re going to assume you’ve gotten all the basics down as the core things like shooting, aiming, moving and picking up items are pretty self explanatory.

However, there are a ton of little things that you might now know were possible in PUBG for Xbox One.  Here’s a guide with tips and tricks that will help you earn more Chicken Dinners in PUBG on the Xbox One by mastering all of the controls.

How to Adjust Zeroing Distance

  • Step 1: Aim down scope by pressing LT
  • Step 2: Press up or down on the d-pad to adjust zeroing distance

Zeroing Distance in PUBG works similar to how it works in real life as bullets have a drop effect depending on how far away the target is that you are trying to hit.  Using up and down on the d-pad will allow you to change the zeroing distance for a scope that supports it.  You can also reset zeroing distance by pressing right on the d-pad. For more on how to adjust zeroing distance you can check out this guide.

Adjust Fire Mode

Different guns have different rates of fire in PUBG.  Some weapons support three modes of fire, while others support only single shots.  To adjust the rate of fire for your weapon, press left on the d-pad.  

Adjust Scope

  • Step 1: Attach Scope that has zoom capability
  • Hold RB button While ADS (LT)
  • Press Up and Down on The Left Thumbstick to zoom in and out

Certain scopes can be adjusted to zoom in and out in PUBG.  Hold RB and then press up and down on the left thumbstick to adjust the zoom on 8x and 15x scopes.  To use a scope in PUBG you need to have a scope equipped to a gun and then use the LT to aim down sights.

Hold Breath

  • Step 1: Aim Down Sights (LT)
  • Step 2: Press (LB)

You can hold you breath to make precision shots in PUBG, but you’ll need to be doing a couple of things to take advantage of it.  To hold your breath while shooting in PUBG on the Xbox One you need to be aiming down sights (LT) and then press the (LB) button to actually hold your breath.  You’ll know you’re doing it right as you’ll zoom in slightly and the lung meter will show up at the bottom of the screen.

Change Brightness of Red Dot Scope or Holographic

  • Step 1: Aim Down Sights with Scope Attached to Weapon (LT)
  • Step 2: Hold (RB) and press up or down on Left Thumbstick to change brightness

If you pick up a scope and want to change the brightness of the reticle, you can do it in PUBG for Xbox One.  First you’ll need to equip the scope to a gun that it fits on, then you’ll need to Aim Down Sights to see the changes.  Once aiming down sights with the scope just press (RB) and then use up and down on the left stick to change the brightness.

How to Run Faster

There are numerous ways to run faster in PUBG.  But the easiest thing you can do is to put away your weapons and do a full out sprint.  To put away your weapons and start sprinting just hold the Y Button.  Another way to move run faster is by using Energy Drinks, Painkillers, or the Adrenaline Syringe to max out your boost bar.

How to Throw Grenades

Throwing grenades is relatively easy to do in PUBG but actually using them effectively is a little bit more challenging.  To use a grenade you can simply select it on the fly by pressing right on the d-pad.  If you’ve got multiple grenade types in your inventory (molotov, frag, smoke, stun) you can keep pressing right on the d-pad to cycle through them and equip. Once you’ve got your grenade selected, you’ve got a couple of different options.

Toggle Throwing.  Pressing the RT will put your character in the throwing motion.  Pressing the LT will allow you toggle between an underhand and overhand throw.  Regardless of which type of toss you make, you’ll need to use the red trajectory marker to try and determine where your grenade will land.  If the trajectory marker has a circle on it, you can determine exactly where a grenade will land.  If not, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the trajectory and angle to determine where it will land.

Using the red trajectory data you can throw grenades accurately through windows, and even barred windows if you use it accurately.  To throw a grenade through a barred window you must aim between the bars in the window.

How to Cook a Grenade in PUBG Xbox One

  • Step 1: Hold RT Trigger to Start Grenade Throw
  • Step 2: Press LB to start cooking grenade
  • Step 3: Throw the Grenade before it explodes

Cooking a grenade in PUBG for the Xbox One is another one of those items that isn’t really explained all that well in the game.  But to do it you simply must click RT to start the throwing motion and the press LB to start the cook.  You’ll hear a clicking sound on the grenade once you press LB and if you don’t get rid of it within around 5 seconds it will detonate.

How to Throw Grenades Farther

Throwing grenades while moving forward will allow you throw them slightly farther than when standing still.  However, the appropriate trajectory for getting the most distance on the grenade is around a 45 degree angle.  Aiming higher (increasing the angle) will not result in the grenade going any further.

How to recover full Health

Once you’ve lost health in PUBG there are only a handful of ways to replenish your health to 100%.  Neither a First Aid Kit nor Bandages will replenish your health to 100% in the game.  To replenish full health you either need to use a Med Kit to instantly replenish health to 100% or use one of the other consumables to slowly regenerate health when to above 75%.  Energy Drinks, Painkillers, and the Adrenaline Syringe will all allow you to recover your full health over time.  Stacking Painkillers or Energy Drinks does not make you heal faster.  However, stacking these items will give you a full boost bar that will make you run faster and recover health over time.

How to use Bandages Correctly

Bandages in PUBG can help you recover health and they’re found all over the map in PUBG.  Found in stacks of five, these items can be used to restore your health up to a maximum of 75%.  However, spamming bandages is not the correct way to use this items as it helps recover health over time.  Using one bandage heals a players health by 10 over the course of seven seconds.  Using a second bandage stops this regeneration so it’s important to use them in situations where you have the time to get the most out of them.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018