Best Heads in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Here are the best heads in Armored Core 6!

by Christian Bognar
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Equipping the right parts in Armored Core 6 can be tricky, as you need to increase your stats as much as possible without fearing becoming overweight. The head is an important part: they help with staggering, recovery, and some look straight-up cool. This guide will review the best head parts in Armored Core 6.

What Are the Best Heads in Armored Core 6?

In no particular order, you will find the best head parts in Armored Core 6. Each of these parts is designed to help with either overall mech AP or to prevent staggering while also helping to recover from being staggered.


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Usually, heads don’t provide high AP in Armored Core 6, so it’s surprising that the AH-J-124 BASHO does. This head part provides over 1,200 AP, which could be the last inch you need to survive a deadly attack from a challenging boss. Also, you’ll receive a solid Attitude Stability of 370, which is excellent to help prevent your mech from being staggered.


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The VP-440 is excellent for players looking to create a lightweight mech while not lowering stats by too much. The VP-440 is the answer here, where Attitude Stability is a solid 521. Usually, light mechs are easy to stagger, but this head counters that problem and allows you to stay mobile more often than not in battle. The AP could be better, but that’s not as important when creating a speedy mech. As long as you can prevent staggering and continue to dodge, you’ll be okay with lower AP, and the VP-440 Attitude Stability will allow this to happen.

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The IA-CO1H: EPHEMERA is the best of both worlds, as it is excellent for preventing staggers, recovering from staggers, and increasing overall AP. In the staggering department, this head part has an Attitude Stability of 480, which isn’t as good as the VP-440 but still pretty solid. What makes this head part even better is that the System Recovery stat is 132, meaning that staggers won’t last as long as compared to other head parts. Lastly, its AP is solid, providing your overall mech with 990.


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Lastly, we have the HD-033M VERRILL, an all-around balanced head part. Like the EPHEMERA, it checks all the boxes regarding System Recovery, Attitude Stability, and AP. The stagger stats may not be as good as the EPHEMERA, but its AP is over 1,000, making it better at sustaining devastating blows from your opponent. The only downside of this head part is that it is pretty heavy, weighing 3830, meaning you may have to go on the lighter side for other parts to prevent being overweight. Or, you could equip tank legs to sustain more weight in all areas of your mech.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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