Armored Core 6: How to Get All Combat Logs for Eliminate V.VII Mission

Here is how you can get all the Combat Logs during the Eliminate V.VII mission in Armored Core 6.

by Christian Bognar
Armored Core 6 Eliminate V.VII Combat Logs
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Gathering all Combat Logs in Armored Core 6 can be challenging, especially since most are very well hidden. One mission is giving the player base issues, as the Combat Logs are nowhere to be found. This mission is Eliminate V.VII, but we’ve got you covered. Here is how you can get all Combat Logs during the Eliminate V.VII mission in Armored Core 6.

All Combat Logs Locations for the Eliminate V.VII Mission in Armored Core 6

Four Combat Logs are in the Eliminate V.VII mission in Armored Core 6. This mission is tricky, considering you can’t be spotted and must go in stealthily. Check out how to find all four and get them without being detected.

Combat Log #1

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Right when the mission starts, you want to go to your right and fly towards the giant building on the edge of the area. At this location, you will find a mech with a tetrapod. This tetrapod holds one of the Combat Logs, so your objective is to destroy it. First, kill the surrounding enemies to avoid getting detected, then go in for the kill on the larger enemy with the Combat Log.

Combat Log #2

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The second Combat Log is on another tetrapod enemy and is right before the objective waypoint. In the center of the mission’s large area, you will find an open space where a tetrapod sits surrounded by smaller enemies. Destroy the smaller enemies and then destroy the bigger guy for the Combat Log. Be quick to avoid getting detected by the enemies on top of the buildings.

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Combat Log #3 and #4

You must complete the mission twice to get the last two Combat Logs. Follow the mission’s waypoint until you encounter V.VII Swinburne, which is impossible to miss as he is on the main path.

When you encounter V.VII Swinburne and start fighting him, he will eventually say, “Let’s not be too hasty!” When he says this, stop attacking him, and he will give you a dialogue option. Accept his deal and begin to leave the area. Eventually, another Mech will fly in, who you must defeat in a battle. Defeating this mech will reward you with a Combat Log.

Next, you must play through the mission for a second time, and instead of accepting V.VII Swinburne’s offer during the dialogue option, you need to refuse and kill him. This will reward you with this mission’s fourth and final Combat Log.

- This article was updated on August 28th, 2023

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