Starfield High Price to Pay: How to Save Everyone at the Lodge and Eye

Can you save everyone during the High Price to Pay quest in Starfield?

by Christian Bognar
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One of the last missions in Starfield is called “High Price to Pay” and forces the player to make a tough decision. The Eye and The Lodge are under attack, and you have two of your companions at The Lodge who need your assistance and two at The Eye. Deciding which location to provide help for will result in the death of one of your main companions. Read further to learn if saving everyone in Starfield’s High Price to Pay quest is possible.

Can You Save Everyone at The Lode and Eye During the High Price to Pay Quest in Starfield?

Simply put, you can’t save everyone during the Starfield High Price to Pay quest. No matter what, one of your companions will die. The choice is up to you, though (well, sort of), so deciding where to lend your assistance is essential in this circumstance.

The way this quest works is this: Whichever location you abandon, someone will die. In other words, if you decide to help out The Key, one of your companions will die at The Lodge. The one who dies depends on your affinity with either of the companions at that location. For example, say you abandon the Lodge to help out The Key and have the highest relationship affinity with Barrett (who is at the Lodge); then Barrett will die.

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I had the highest relationship affinity with Same Coe and decided to stay back, help The Lodge, and prepare for the attack. Sam Coe died at The Key due to me not being there and him bleeding out on the floor.

It’s hard to tell which companion you have the highest affinity with. My recommendation is to help the location where your favorite companion is located; that way, no matter what, they will survive the attack. Additionally, you can save the game before deciding and reload the saved file if you aren’t pleased with the outcome.

How to Check Affinity Level With Console Commands

To better understand who will die in the High Price to Pay quest in Starfield, you can check the affinity level with companions through console commands. The commands you want to use to check affinity level are listed below:

  • GetAV COM_Affinity
  • GetAV COM_AffinityLevel
  • GetAV COM_AngerLevel

To input console commands, press the ~ key on your keyboard to open the console. With the console open, click on the companion you would like to see the affinity level of and input one of the codes to view the levels of each.

- This article was updated on September 14th, 2023

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