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by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Bounty Clearance Boards How to Clear Bounties
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So you’ve committed a crime in Starfield, and found a bounty on your head. We’ve all been there. Sometimes you were over-zealous in your resource-gathering and picked up an innocent med pack that had the telltale red icon, marking it as someone else’s. Perhaps your “resource-gathering” was just you raiding the local storehouses. We’re not here to judge, just to help. Here’s how you can clear your bounty, and where self-service bounty clearance boards are in Starfield.

Self-Service Bounty Clearance Board Locations in Starfield

The simplest method to clear bounties in Starfield is to find self-service bounty clearance boards and pay the fees. This will clear your bounties for most crimes if the option is available. If you can’t use this option, the board will tell you which faction you must contact (like United Colonies, or Freestar) and turn yourself in to pay your bounties or return stolen goods.

You can find bounty clearance boards in these locations:

  • Jemison (Alpha Centauri System) — New Atlantis: Up the ramp and left from where you land your ship, in “The Viewport” bar.
  • Mars (Sol System) — Cydonia: First right after entering the city, in the “Broken Spear” bar.
  • Volii Alpha (Volii System) — Neon: Inside “The Volii Hotel” to the right past Reliant Medical.
  • Starfield-Bounty-Clearance-Boards-New-Atlantis
  • Starfield-Bounty-Clearance-Boards-Cydonia
  • Starfield-Bounty-Clearance-Boards-Neon
  • Starfield-How-to-Clear-Bounties-Bounty-Clearance-Board

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You’ll notice that they’re usually accessible nearby where you land, and they’re in public places like bars or hotel lobbies. Whatever bounty you were assigned, if you go elsewhere you can land at these spots and potentially clear your name. However, in some instances, you might have to take other methods.

How Do I Clear my Bounty if the Clearance Board Doesn’t Work?

The best bet to do this is usually to turn yourself in to the relevant authorities. If you have a bounty to UC, let yourself be caught by UC Security, for example, and pay the fine, potentially surrendering stolen goods. If you complete a grav-jump with your ship to a system run by the faction with whom you’ve got a bounty, you’ll even be hailed by their security forces.

I ran into this situation when I couldn’t clear a bounty with Freestar, but once I tried to jump to Freestar space, they caught me, I paid my dues, and was cleared.

Can You Commit Crimes Next to a Bounty Clearance Board and Pay Your Bounties in Starfield?

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No, I’ve tried it, too. You seem to be unable to pay off the bounties you just accumulated unless a security force approaches you directly. But I tried, for science. I’m deeply sorry to all the patrons at the Volii Hotel, that was uncalled for and I probably could have stopped after the first two shots.

- This article was updated on September 13th, 2023

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