Flashpoint Comic Reading Guide for The Flash

Here's the ultimate Flashpoint comic reading guide for The Flash film so you know what to expect.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: DC Comics

Here is the ultimate Flashpoint comic reading guide for The Flash so you know exactly what to expect. The Flash (2023) film draws inspiration from the 2011 comic, Flashpoint by Geoff Johns. If you’re wondering whether you need to read the comic to comprehend the film’s storyline and characters fully, here’s what you need to know about the relationship between The Flash film and the Flashpoint comic.

What is Flashpoint About?

Image: DC Comics

In 2011, Flashpoint came before the DC Universe’s New 52 reboot and was used to reset DC’s timelines. In it, Barry Allen’s Flash saved his mother, only to wake up in a changed world where his powers were gone, and the lives of other heroes were utterly different.

The hero of this alternate world is Cyborg, rather than Superman, who is nowhere to be found. Furthermore, his mother, Nora, is alive, and a war between the Amazonians and the Atlanteans has devastated Europe. Barry also discovers that he has lost the ability to access the Speed Force and that Batman is no longer Bruce Wayne but rather his father, Thomas Wayne, who survived the fateful night in Crime Alley alongside Martha. As the sole individual who remembers his original timeline, Barry sets out to recover his powers and uncover the truth behind Flashpoint before it is too late.

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After restoring his abilities, Flash battled the Reverse-Flash and fixed the timeline, leading to a freshly rebooted universe. However, according to The Flash trailer, the movie won’t include all of the original comic’s fundamental changes. Still, it will instead modify some events to tell a story that’s both familiar and fresh.

The core structure of Flashpoint remains intact as Barry Allen’s Flash unintentionally alters his universe’s timeline while trying to prevent his mother’s murder in the past. However, The Flash movie featuring Ezra Miller will deviate significantly from the original DC Comics narrative, resulting in a cascade of changes.

Here is what happened in Flashpoint that we won’t see in The Flash:

  • Bruce Wayne is Killed: In Flashpoint, Bruce Wayne is killed that fateful night instead of his parents leading to them taking two completely different paths. In The Flash film, we still see multiple Bruce Wayne / Batman appearances meaning his parents were killed instead.
  • World War III: The war between Themyscira and Atlantis started after Diana’s mother was murdered, and Mera was killed in retaliation. This started World War III, which is why Europe was ravaged. Neither Wonder Woman nor Aquaman will play a pivotal role in The Flash.
  • Reverse-Flash: Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse-Flash, is the primary antagonist in the Flashpoint comic. However, we see Zod take that role in The Flash movie instead.
  • Cyborg: Instead of Cyborg becoming the most incredible superhero, as shown in Flashpoint, we will instead see Supergirl in The Flash film. It hasn’t been said if this change was done to introduce Supergirl to the new DCU or because of the falling out between Warner Bros. and Ray Fisher after the live-action Justice League film.
  • Superman: Superman is rescued by Thomas Wayne’s Batman and Cyborg in the Flashpoint comics. However, it appears that Superman is dead in The Flash film, and we will see Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle, be freed from General Zod by the Flash and Batman in the film instead.
  • Lightening Experiment: How Barry Allen will get his Speed Force powers back will also differ between the Flashpoint comic and The Flash film. This is because of the main changes above about Thomas Wayne and Bruce Wayne. We will also see Keaton’s Batman use his Batwing to help with the experiment in the film, which is a different method than the Flashpoint comic.

You are officially an expert on the Flashpoint comic and understand what elements will and won’t be used in The Flash film and how they will be used to reset the DCU under James Gunn’s leadership.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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