Indiana Jones to Go Beyond Adventures in New Bethesda Game

The new Indiana Jones game seems like it will offer a lot!

by Gordon Bicker

Indiana Jones has captured the hearts of audiences for many decades and Bethesda seeks to make that the case for the current generation with a new game being created based on the universe which recently got a new comment about the style of experience for it. In a recent podcast which was attended by Todd Howard, there was a section dedicated to chatting about the project which arose through the way of the conversation. There were even comments made about The Elder Scrolls VI and its release. However, for the Indiana Jones fans out there, the part discussing what may be contained within the game was one of the most important.

Within a podcast hosted by Lex Fridman, Todd Howard commented about the game (paraphrased for clarity) saying that “it is a mashup of lots of different things.” This was in response to being asked if it was more “focused on the action-adventure side.” It is an interesting comment which makes all of us wonder just how unique the experience will be as it was said to be during the same podcast. It most likely will contain a mix of genres and not be tailored to just one.

We have seen Indiana Jones games before and they vary in quality so having Machine Games working on this latest title is a very exciting factor. They have worked on the Wolfenstein games among other titles so they definitely have a lot of experience backing them up. Whether you are familiar with their work while trying to learn how to use the buddy pass in Wolfenstein Youngblood or otherwise. They have crafted a ton of interesting levels so it will be interesting to see how this degree of detail to level design carries over to the Indiana Jones project.

It is unknown when the game will actually be released since we have only had an announcement trailer based on it. There is still a lot more information to be revealed in the years to come in terms of other trailers and announcements as per usual with most game releases.

The Indiana Jones untitled game project will be released at some point in the future.

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2022

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