NBA 2K24 Floor Setters Explained | Which Badges Should You Use Them On?

Check out everything you need to know about the new feature.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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NBA 2K24 marked the debut of both welcome and not-that-well-received mechanics to the franchise, like that of the new badge regression and Floor Setters systems. But how exactly do the Floor Setters work in NBA 2K24?

How Do The Floor Setters Work in NBA 2K24?

In NBA 2K24, players can equip badges to Floor Setter slots in order to stop them from regressing. After being equipped in any Floor Setter slot, your chosen badge will automatically be upgraded to its tier (it’s possible) and will be rendered incapable of falling below it. Currently, two Floor Setters slots, one silver and one gold are available in the game.

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How to Unlock and Equip Floor Setters in NBA 2K24

The Silver and Gold Floor Setters can be unlocked by reaching levels 21 and 40 on the game’s Season Pass, respectively. After unlocking either of them, you will be able to equip your chosen badge to a floor setter by heading to Progression, Badges, and then heading to Floor Setters before heading to an empty slot and selecting which badge you wish to equip to it.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Which Badges Should You Prioritize?

Taking into account how the game only allows you to equip two Floor Setters, as well as the fact that the decision to equip a badge is final, we recommend that you use your Floor Setters on your most vital badges. Doing so will allow you to keep the pillars of your playstyle intact no matter what happens, as well as allow you to enter the court unburdened by how your performance may affect them.

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How to Increase Your Season Pass Level Fast in NBA 2K24

The fastest way to increase your Season Pass level in NBA 2K24 can be done by taking part in the 2x EXP Events which regularly take place in both MyCarrer and MyTEAM. I advise F2P players, as well as those who still have not managed to cross the 75-80 OVR threshold in MyCarrer, to focus on MyTEAM.

Purchasing the game’s Hall of Fame Pass can also help you gain levels faster, as it will come with a 15% XP Bonus. The Hall of Fame Pass can be purchased for $19.99 once at the Season Pass tab. If you cannot wait to get the Gold and Silver Floor Setters, you can also get them immediately by purchasing Season Pass levels. Each level increase will cost $1,99.

This guide was made while playing NBA 2K24 on PS5. 

- This article was updated on September 14th, 2023

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